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Teen Mental Health Support – CREW Cares

April, 2022


Pediatric Associates is excited to announce that our 2022 Community Partner isĀ Adventure Crew, a 501(c)3 Ohio based non-profit organization dedicated to connecting city teens with nature through positive, engaging, and free recreation, education and conservation activities.

As rates of chronic disease such as anxiety, depression, and obesity among children have skyrocketed over the past few decades, pediatricians have increasingly looked for solutions beyond the office. Studies show that spending time outdoors results in decreased rates of stress, preterm labor, nearsightedness and asthma. Please check out their programs and additional information below.

Using our natural world as its foundation, CREW Cares is a program of Adventure Crew that provides a unique and powerful outdoor approach to fostering positive mental health for teens. Through thoughtfully and professionally designed clinical recreation and group counseling sessions, Crew Cares empowers young people with new tools to help overcome depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, and more. Crew Cares is intended to supplement, not replace, your child’s current mental health services.

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