McGilligan MD

7529 State Road, STE B
Cincinnati, OH 45255


Phone: (513) 715-5044

McGilligan MD is an independent Direct Primary Care practice located in Anderson Township.  We believe in the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. Our practice size is smaller than a traditional practice allowing us to devote more time to each patient. When patients are sick or hurt, we strive to get them in that day or the next business day. We are also available via telephone, text, and video visits, all included in our low monthly fee. We do not charge extra for visits to the office.

Our practice is a great option for all patients who want improved access to their personal physician. From a cost perspective, we are a great option for patients trying to decrease their overall healthcare spending. While patients are free to use their insurance for labs, imaging and medications at the pharmacy, we also offer discounted labs and generic medications in our office. Our prices are transparent and available on our website.

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