Varicose to Perfect

572 N. Main St.
Springboro, OH 45066


Phone: (937) 748-8905

Varicose to Perfect, an independent, full-service vein center based in Springboro, Ohio, was opened by Dr. Sukir Sinnathamby in 2006. Different from most clinics, Varicose to Perfect was designed with the ultimate patient experience in mind. Our facility and vascular lab are accredited by Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). Dr. Sinnathamby is board certified in vein disease as well as endovascular medicine, cardiovascular disease and interventional cardiology. At Varicose to Perfect, patients are treated with the most effective, noninvasive, and state-of-the-art procedures available, including laser ablation, nonthermal ablation, ambulatory (or hook) phlebectomy, and sclerotherapy. A majority of our procedures are performed in our Springboro office, although we are expanding services available at our North Dayton office. Our office accepts most insurance plans and a majority of procedures performed are covered by insurance.

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